Yorba Linda residents are proud of our clean, beautiful and safe City. Our local neighborhoods are nicely landscaped, with continued upkeep of trees, trails, greenery and medians. We maintain about 550 acres of landscaped areas and trails.

Because of California’s continued drought, the State had mandated that we cut water use by 36%, which included the requirement to stop irrigating ornamental turf in public street medians with potable water.  The mandate was then lowered to 28% and just recently was lifted. We have resumed watering, however we are limited to watering only three days a week and watering turf in our medians is permanently prohibited. In addition, California still faces an uncertain climate future.

In response, in February the Yorba Linda City Council directed staff to engage the community in gradually transitioning from ornamental turf and other water-thirsty plantings to a more sustainable design, using drought-tolerant, California-friendly plantings, and hardscape.

Future Plans

We’re keeping and maintaining our thousands of beautiful trees, but in the medians you’ll see a change in the ground cover that surrounds them. The first step for medians was replacing ornamental turf with decorative wood chips until we can install new landscape designs. Depending on available funds, we may also implement more sustainable maintenance practices such as integrating attractive cobblestones, porous paving and mulch, changing the spacing between plants, and upgrading irrigation systems to conserve water and reduce costs.

We’d like your input. We’re developing demonstration sites so you can see some different landscape concepts; site plans are on the home page.

You can also view photos of potential landscape styles and plants in the “Examples” tab. And please take the survey now, and you can weigh in again after the demonstration sites are installed.